Emirates Travel http://emiratesvoyage.com/ Guide to UAE including regions, towns, places of interest, activities and events. Includes travel information. Fri, 22 Oct 2021 12:39:32 -0400 en 45 2010-02-02T17:53:12-05:00 2010-02-02T17:53:12-05:00 UAE National Day UAE National Day is celebtrated on the 2nd December. It marks the formation of the UAE. http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-holidays/45-uae-national-day/ 44 2009-10-21T20:56:27-04:00 2009-10-21T20:56:27-04:00 United Arab Emirates guide The United Arab Emirates is a very desirable travel destination because of its unique natural features and its largely unrivaled economic prosperity http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/ 43 2009-10-21T20:54:43-04:00 2009-10-21T20:54:43-04:00 Work and Study Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates Even though 90% of the workforce in the United Arab Emirates is foreign, the federation strictly controls the movement of foreigners http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-work-study-opportunities/ 42 2009-10-21T20:51:36-04:00 2009-10-21T20:51:36-04:00 UAE weather and climate The dissimilar overall situation in the outdoors and upper air affects the weather conditions of the U.A.E. during the winter http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-weather-climate/ 41 2009-10-21T20:49:19-04:00 2009-10-21T20:49:19-04:00 Transport and Telecommunications in the UAE The seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates have six international airports among them http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/transport-telecommunications/ 40 2009-10-21T20:46:52-04:00 2009-10-21T20:46:52-04:00 Top 10 Things to See in the United Arab Emirates It would be difficult indeed to choose only 10 great things to see on a visit to the United Arab Emirates http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/top-10-things-to-see-in-uae/ 39 2009-10-21T20:42:58-04:00 2009-10-21T20:42:58-04:00 Top 10 Things to Do in the United Arab Emirates There are so many things to do in the United Arab Emirates that it is not easy to choose only a top 10 http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/top-10-things-to-do-in-uae/ 38 2009-10-21T20:31:17-04:00 2009-10-21T20:31:17-04:00 Sports in the UAE The UAE receives so much attention from the outside world because of its modern http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-sports/ 37 2009-10-21T20:28:49-04:00 2009-10-21T20:28:49-04:00 Religion in the UAE Close to 100% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is Muslim http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-religion/ 36 2009-10-21T20:27:17-04:00 2009-10-21T20:27:17-04:00 Politics in the UAE The United Arab Emirates formed a federation in 1971 http://emiratesvoyage.com/uae-guide/uae-politics/