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Great things in a small area
Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates. The capital city is also called Ajman, and with its surrounding area, the emirate covers 260 square kilometers. Located in the northern UAE along the Persian Gulf, like jewels strung on a necklace, are Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE), Dubai, and Ajman. About 95% of the population of the emirate of Ajman lives in the city of Ajman, which now has a population of over 360,000.

In recent years, Ajman has had an enormous influx of people from Dubai and Sharjah – the neighboring emirates – and also from other countries. As a result, the city of Ajman has experienced a development boom in the past few years and is now ranked third among the emirates for industrial development. This emirate contains three different geographical regions: Ajman the city, Musfoot, and Al-Manama. Summers are hot, and winters are not very cold, with winter temperatures sometimes reaching 25 degrees Celsius.

{IMAGE1}Southeast of the city of Ajman is the Musfoot area, which has high mountains and very fertile soil. The terrain and climate make this area appealing to tourists and sightseers. The Al-Manama region, directly east of Ajman city, is a region of desert sands and mountains rich in magnesium and chrome. Al-Manama also boasts fertile valleys where agriculture is strong.

The business climate is as warm as the meteorological climate in the emirate of Ajman. Development in neighboring Dubai has drifted northeastward toward the city of Ajman, and the area’s infrastructure and development are already attracting huge investments along Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

{IMAGE2}The advent of property ownership in Dubai was a big factor in that emirate’s booming economy in the mid-2000s. Ajman was the next emirate to offer property ownership. In fact, it is the only emirate offering full 100% freehold ownership of real estate, even for foreigners. This has been a huge attraction for investors, both local and international, and has spurred large development projects.

Investors in real estate in Ajman are taking advantage of both short term tourist rentals and long term rentals to residents. It is also popular for investment because of its proximity to Dubai. The Dubai Metro system is currently being extended to Ajman, and will make the commute to Dubai even more convenient.

{IMAGE3}The year 2007 was a big year for Ajman, with the announcement of several real estate development projects. Sweet Homes, based in Dubai, began a $683 million township in Ajman. The township, Ajman Uptown, includes over 1,000 homes on 37 hectares.

Inter Emirates Properties also took advantage of the boom in freehold realty in Ajman in 2007, and at one time investments with Inter Emirates offered annual returns of over 20% due to the booming Ajman economy. Ajman has emerged as a preferred investment destination for mid-income citizens in the Northern Emirates. Its central location and proximity to Dubai add value to investments in Ajman.

{IMAGE4}The area under development outside the traditional boundaries of Ajman city is called New Ajman. This area is swelling with new developments and projects, one of which is called “The Emirates City,” which is a brand new city built from the ground up. Emirates City will eventually contain more than 100 midrise and high-rise buildings, shopping centers, hotels and condominium developments and will extend to the Al Zoura beachside area where further development is planned.

Ajman International Airport already hosts two million passengers per year and is the UAE’s fourth international airport. Development in the area is designed to appeal to commercial as well as tourist interests. A major expansion of the Ajman International Airport is expected to open in 2011. The Gulf Medical University in Ajman city was established as Gulf Medical College in 1998, but became a university in 2008. It is the only teaching hospital in the UAE, and has the most extensive hospital complex.

{IMAGE5}Ajman is rapidly becoming a magnet for international development. Pakistan, in particular, has seen Ajman as an ideal investment destination. In addition to Emirates City, Uptown Ajman, and Al Zoura, other major projects include Humaid City and Awali City. Behind Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the city of Ajman has the third largest property market in the entire UAE.

Ajman may be the smallest of the seven emirates, but it boasts riches not only along the coast in Ajman city, and not only because of its proximity to big brother Dubai. The region contains mountains and valleys, extensive agricultural land, and its major city is located right on the Persian Gulf. And Ajman city is much more than just a “bedroom community” near Dubai. In its own right it has massive city development projects, a medical teaching hospital, an international airport, and a burgeoning tourist trade. Perhaps Ajman should not be thought of as only the smallest emirate, but also as the one where so many good things are concentrated in a small jewel box of a region.

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